How To Sound Like A Cloud Expert — Smashing Magazine

About The Authors Zack Grossbart is an engineer, designer, and author. He’s a Senior Technical Staff Member and Cloud Architect at IBM. He creates the IBM cloud user experience … More about Zack & Eduardo… Providing scalable and resilient service to a growing customer base across the Internet is very complex. At the end of […]

How Web Designers Can Contribute To Mobile-First Marketing — Smashing Magazine

About The Author Suzanne Scacca is a former WordPress implementer, trainer and agency manager who now works as a freelance copywriter. She specializes in crafting marketing, web … More about Suzanne… You’ve proven your expertise in designing mobile-first websites for clients. It might be time you made a move into designing mobile-first marketing campaigns for […]

Designing Emotional Interfaces Of The Future — Smashing Magazine

About The Author Gleb is a designer who transforms ideas into reality. He crafts the future of digital experiences through emotional design. Gleb also leads the product design … More about Gleb… When it comes to change, we tend to naturally resist it. The only real boundary we have are our brains telling us that […]

Introducing The Component-Based API — Smashing Magazine

About The Author Leonardo Losoviz is the creator of PoP, a framework for building modular websites based on PHP and Handlebars, and powered by WordPress. He lives in Kuala … More about Leonardo In the world of APIs, GraphQL has lately overshadowed REST due to its ability to query and retrieve all required data in […]

Rethinking Habits And Finding Custom Solutions — Smashing Magazine

About The Author Anselm is a freelance front-end developer who cares about sustainable front-end experiences and ethical choices in life. He writes the WDRL, and is co-founder … More about Anselm Anselm is back with a new edition of his Monthly Web Development Update. A reading list to help you rethink existing systems and habits […]

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About The Author Susan has a Psychology and over 30 years of experience as a behavioral scientist. She speaks, consults, teaches, and writes about applying behavioral … More about Susan Given the way our brains work, there are things you can do that will grab your user’s visual attention. In this article, Susan Weinschenk […]

How Improving Website Performance Can Help Save The Planet — Smashing Magazine

About The Author Jack Lenox works as a software engineer for the VIP team. He has also stood as a parliamentary candidate for the Green Party of England and Wales. More about Jack Climate change may not seem like an issue that should concern web developers, but the truth is that our work does […]